How do I donate my vehicle?
It's easy and free. Use the button above to fill our an easy form and our donation partner will arrange the pickup.
Email if you have any questions

Does the donated vehicle have to be running?
Nope! It does need an engine and it must be towable, but it does not need to be operable.

Do I need any paperwork?

You'll need a clear title with your name on it.
If you don't have the title, you can apply for a replacement title with Oregon DMV or the Washington DOLContact us when you receive the replacement title and we'll start the donation process.


Do I need to be present at the time of pickup?
No - just let the folks picking up your vehicle know that you won't be there, and they'll take care of it all.

Can I claim a deduction on my taxes? 

Yes! Contact your tax advisor or refer to IRS Publication 4303 “A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations”  to determine the amount of your tax deduction. 


Can I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donation? 

Yes! You will get a temporary receipt at the time of pickup. We will mail you the final tax receipt, showing the amount of the proceeds to PNWSAR, after the vehicle is sold at auction.


How much money will go to PNWSAR? 

All proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will benefit PNWSAR, and the total donation amount varies by vehicle. Our donation partner runs an efficient program, to maximize the amount PNWSAR receives to help the missing and injured folks who call for help outdoors!